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amanda tub
Happy Birthday baby Winona! (in my easy-to-set-up-anywhere birth tub)

Big sis Renee helps with Winona's baby exam

reunion babies
Birth Class Babies!

reunion families 
Birth Class families
New families at a birth class reunion...

"Akachan" means baby in Japanese; it literally means
 "little red one" and fits newborns perfectly!


The birth team celebrates new mama Charlotte with newborn Lucia

Happy Birthday Lucia!

Now a big sis, Lucia is not sure about having baby sis Eliza...

Jarvis all
Big sis Eleanor joins her parents and the birth team in celebrating baby Adelaine's arrival

sara jarvis
Baby Adelaine's newborn exam

Big bro Azariah awaits his baby brother's arrival in dad's arms

danise 1
Brand new baby Israel!

danise 2
I hold baby Israel while Danise takes a moment to reflect and relax

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