Sara Ohgushi, ND LM
Naturopathic Physician & Midwife



My births were challenging, but I felt confident that we were all safe because Sara was there. She is so calm and easy going, and at the same time can be incredibly direct. She is also so responsive and available, even after your baby comes and you feel like you have no idea what you are doing she will happily guide you on your journey. If you are not sure about your birth plan, your newborn plan, your postpartum plan, your ... She will walk you through your options and help you come to a decision you truly feel good about.

 I have assisted at over 25 births, and during the last few minutes of each one, the room feels panicked and stressful, like the delivery is an emergency, but that is not the case if sara is there. When each of my girls were born the atmosphere was peaceful and Sara was calm and collected. She is very vigilant, so if something is not going according to plan, she will take action, so if Sara is not worried, I am not worried. She trusts our bodies and the birth process. She makes you feel loved and taken care of with her gentle ways and vast knowledge. I would recommend her as a midwife or ND to anyone, and I always do.


dana   Dana

I highly recommend both Sara and home birth. I had such a positive experience and feel so

grateful that I was referred to Sara by another Naturopath.  I was told by my ND that she would want to go see Sara if she was having problems like mine.  After going to Sara my pregnancy & birth were smooth sailing and I know that is in large part due to Sara's great ability & artistry as a midwife. It became clear very early on that she was personally invested in the health of not just my birth but my entire family.  My anxiety was greatly reduced because of my absolute trust in Sara.  The personalized care that I received was so fantastic.  The birth classes were wonderful, including getting to meet other parents and really getting to know Sara.  Sara was always available & eager to help with any questions we had.  Now we have a healthy happy baby boy & I feel like Sara is part of our family.


Choosing to have a home birth and working with Dr. Sara was one of the best decisions of my adult life. From the very first meeting, Sara was extremely patient and kind, answering all my "first time mom" questions. Dr. Sara was also extremely professional, as well as knowledgable and thorough. She took the well-being of my health and my daughter's health very seriously throughout the entire pregnancy, and afterwards. 

My birthing process was truly awe-inspired, largely because of the gentle and wonderful care Dr. Sara and her team provided me while I was in labor. It's hard to describe how much of a true blessing it was to have my child in the comfort of my own space with gifted medical professionals ensuring the safety and health of me and my child. Dr. Sara was with me every step of the way, making sure I was comfortable, providing me gentle reassurance to keep going, and sharing in our sheer delight when we held my little bundle in my hands.

Sara is a doctor, but she also feels like family.  I would not be overstating by saying Dr. Sara is a true earth angel.


I am really happy to have Sara as my midwife. Sara was always positive and supportive.During my pregnancy, she always gave me the great advice that helped me to be ready for the labor physically and mentally and for being a mother. Since I was not comfortable having our daughter at the hospital, the home birth was the best option, and Sara was the best midwife to have. She was willing to support us anytime, and we could trust her completely. We were very pleased to have Sara as the person who brought our daughter to the world.

出産時だけでなく、妊娠中や出産後も頼ることのできたドクターサラが私の助産師さんでとても幸せでした。自宅出産と聞いて不安を示す家族や友人が多い中 で、それを自信をもってやり遂げられたのは、ドクターサラが信頼でいる助産師さんだったからだと思います。妊娠中の体調管理から出産への準備に心構え、出 産後の私と娘のケアーと全てにおいてたくさん助けていただきました。私が困ったとき、悩んだときにいつでも的確なアドバイスをもらえたことは、産前産後共 にとても心強かったです。ドクターサラに私の娘を取り上げてもらえたことは、私だけでなく、私の家族の財産だと思います。

amanda birth teamAmanda

Sara delivered both of our daughters at home and we could not be happier with the care she provided. Her knowledge and experience helped make both births wonderful experiences. We feel so comfortable with Sara, we love that our midwife is also our doctor and that her care doesn't stop after birth. Sara has become an important part in the continued health of our family. For our second pregnancy she included our two year old daughter in all the prenatal check-ups and made sure she felt she had an important role in being a big sister. Renee looked forward to visiting Sara, listening to baby sisters heart beat, measuring "mama's belly" with Sara tape measure and learning about the process of baby sisters arrival.
 I already have recommended Sara to friends and will continue to speak highly of Sara and the care she provides.
 We love you Sara,
 Amanda, Dave, Renee and Winona

sara saitoSarah

Sara Ohgushi is one of those special people who can be present with you throughout your birthing experience, not just when it's sunny and the birds are singing in the trees, but when the clouds gather and burst and the going gets really tough. Her tempered experience shows in her steady support and confidence that you can get through this, but so does her fresh joy at being able to be part of a birthing process that is new each time. I have had two of my three children with her guidance and support, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

charlotte and babiesCharlotte

In a culture and a friend group that has a lot of hesitation about home-birth, Sara was able to easily put my mind at ease.  She answered every question I had and took the time to really get to know me.  I transferred to Sara late in my first pregnancy, so was able to see the stark contrast between a hospital OB and a home birth ND/Midwife.  Sara was able to step into my life and my circumstances to meet me where I was instead of squeezing me into tight little appointments where I was often misunderstood.  Our conversations included a wide range of issues and it felt like nothing was out of bounds because Sara could understand how everything is interwoven.  I worked with Sara all through my second pregnancy as well.  Sara was upfront and honest about labor, what to expect, what would be needed, how to prepare, what would hurt, what might help, etc…  Sara has always been extremely responsive.  I have really appreciated the quick replies to my questions.  I highly recommend working with Sara!

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